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It's not too late... but we must act now!

Join our facebook page

By joining our RESPECT FARMLAND facebook group you help build our numbers, gain access to action alerts and can speak with like-minded people about the issue. This is a very simple way you can show your support. Click on our page and join us now!

Attend a local township meeting

Recently many of our members and like-minded citizens attended the Jan. 23rd, 2017, meeting at the Manheim Township municipal building and a development was rejected. In another victory for farmland, local citizens spoke passionately at  Clay Township's rezoning hearing last May 2nd.  When people attend meetings and voice concerns, politicians sit up and listen. This is one huge way you CAN have an impact!

Have conversations with others

Make sure your fellow family and friends know about specific development concerns. Many people in Lancaster County are frustrated with unchecked traffic and growth. Let them know they are not powerless and that a group has formed to combat this problem.

Write letters or social media posts

Letters to the editor go a long way toward swaying local politicians interested in re-election prospects. Let's praise those taking the long view and call out those that don't. Social media is also a great megaphone.

Volunteer with us

Our group sometimes needs folks who can go out and deliver flyers to a threatened community, or someone who can assist with photography, design or other organizational needs. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering.

Your action is
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