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Clay Township is a rural township in northern Lancaster County that reminds many of us of what Lancaster County used to be like 40 years ago.

On May 2, 2017 the Township held a hearing about rezoning acreage alongside route 322 from Ag to residential/commercial to make way for a new development. A packed room full of Clay Township citizens stood up one at a time to speak about the importance of maintaining and protecting the region's rural character.

The supervisors voted unanimously 3-0 rejecting the development proposal. Our group, Respect Farmland, had a hand in alerting the local residents of this hearing, making sure that this would not be yet another development that slipped thru the cracks before residents knew what happened.

While sometimes the pace of development in our county seems daunting, progress can be made when citizens are aware and feel empowered to speak. The tide may be turning in our county, one township meeting at a time!

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